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Never underestimate your power to change yourself

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The mission of the career is to provide full supportive fresh graduates to be reputable, respectable and competent leader. Leadership skills can be applied anywhere in your life, especially in your work life. Great leadership isn’t intact, it has to be trained and practised. Emotionally and psychologically, it is required to be supported by a coach or coaches. We can guarantee that our fresh graduates are developed and instructed coaches.



This Leadership Management Program aims to nurture committed, ambitious and disciplined individuals. We provide resources in cultivating new talents and personalized supports in order to lay the foundation for a challenging yet rewarding career. If you want to develop your leadership mindset/ability, equip yourself and influence others more insightfully, you are more than welcome to apply!



This Investment and Leadership program targets a group of talents who have the foundation of investment knowledge and are willing to take an extra mile in their career in the finance industry. An intensive and challenging training program fosters talents to lead in an uncertain and ambiguous world. If you are ready to commit to a business world with professionalism and partnerships, we have resourceful support in coaching and mentoring to instruct you. We also emphasize the quality of well-roundedness and care about your long-term success, please click ' apply' and join us immediately!

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The purpose of launching the Graduate Management Program ‘’GROW’’ is to cluster groups of forward-thinking, adaptable, and result-orientated calibres to have a revolutionary change in their career in Finance and Investment. 

 This program offers a well-facilitated mechanism to develop their Personal Growth, Resilience, Openness, and Win-Win for candidates to be hardcore in the organization. You will end up more than you expected. Act before it’s too late!

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Financial Consultant and Leadership Program 

This integrated program aims at a group of creative, free-spirit and aspirational fresh graduates who are excited about changes and challenges in their Business Development career.  A set of systemic programs including orientation, onboarding, mentorship, and external training will be provided for candidates. Please click ‘apply’ immediately to see what we can provide for your career.

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Capital Development is one of the fast-growing HR recruitment agency. We cooperate with multiple multinational companies and small-medium enterprises in Hong Kong for recruitment, onboarding, employee training and development. We specialise in hiring talents for major industries in Hong Kong which provide excellent salary and employee benefits. 

Our people make our company. We are in the people business and want to create a welcoming and supportive environment where all can flourish. We see diversity as a strength which creates fresh perspectives and generates new ideas. We enjoy our work and are determined to do an outstanding job. We deliver the best when working on teams.

We value “talent” as an incredible human “capital” in the foreseeable future. We strongly believe Leadership Management is a start for developing and nurturing a future leader for this generation. If you have a mission for changing the world to a better place, it is an opportunity for you to kick start your career.

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